Nationwide Home Rentals Invites NFL Fans to Get off the Couch and Come to Minneapolis, MN for Super Bowl LII

Super Bowl LII, like all other bowls before it, will be held in a grand football dome. No surprise there, right? However, this is the first time the Big Game will be played in the brand new U.S. Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings, in Minneapolis. Just seeing this state-of-the-art stadium in person is worth the trip alone, but the added excitement of one of the largest sporting events in the world makes this a can’t miss opportunity for football lovers.

If you’re among one of the 70,000 fans lucky enough to watch the game in person, you’ll also have the chance to explore one of America’s most beautiful and exciting cities. Much like the Super Bowl, the city of Minneapolis has a rich history.

Soaking up all that this city has to offer can’t be done from a hotel room. This year, football spectators have the unique opportunity to be a part of another Super Bowl first by staying in a Minneapolis home rental. Live like a local during your time in the Mill City.  

Nationwide Home Rentals® Invites NFL Fans Into the Heart of Minneapolis

Super Bowl LII is more than just Game Day. In fact, it’s 10 whole days of pre-game festivities for fans of all ages. The Bold North Festival will begin on January 26 and conclude with the Super Bowl. Many of these festival events will be little to no cost for participants, and all are sure to pack a special Minneapolis feel. While visiting Minneapolis for Super Bowl LII, you cannot pass up this unique opportunity to explore this beautiful city, and with the convenience of a Super Bowl home rental, you won’t have to!

Minneapolis is the 16th-largest metropolitan area in the United States and the largest city in the state of Minnesota. While you’ll most definitely be blown away by the new U.S. Bank Stadium, this city has a lot more going for it than just its sporting arenas. Just to prove to you that you’ll never have a down moment on your trip to Minneapolis for Super Bowl LII, we’ve put together a list of a few of the most popular things to do:

Paisley Park: Any Purple Rain fans out there? Don’t be shy! Minneapolis is home to Prince’s studio and mansion. Even better, it’s open to the public for tours. Don’t pass up the opportunity to browse through some of Prince’s most personal artifacts.

Mall of America: If you left your favorite fan jersey at home, no worries! The nation’s largest mall and its 500+ stores have got you covered. Have fun with the kids at the thrilling indoor theme park and aquarium. This mall will keep you busy all day!

Chain of Lakes: Did you know Minnesota has more shoreline than Florida, California, and Hawaii? It is called the Land of 10,000 Lakes, after all! With over 22 lakes in the Minneapolis area alone, there is a great opportunity to get outside. Bring your winter clothing for a chilly lakeside hike or a pick-up game of ice hockey.

The list of fun this city offers could go on forever. Minneapolis’s variety of activities has something for everyone. Staying in a Super Bowl home rental ensures that you and your fellow football fans are at the heart of it all.

Nationwide Home Rentals® Invites NFL Fans to Super Bowl LII

While we may not know yet who’s performing at halftime, we can give you some answers on other commonly asked questions for attending the Super Bowl.

If you’re wondering when you should buy your tickets, the answer is always “the sooner the better!” Many times fans wait to see if ticket prices will drop, only to find that they usually rise. This is especially true if the local-favorites, the Minnesota Vikings, were to make it to the Big Game. This would mean huge demand from the local fanbase, causing prices to spike. Keep in mind that the ticket prices are always driven by supply and demand, which is in turn impacted by the wins and losses throughout the regular season, especially toward the end.

If you’re purchasing a plane ticket for travel to the Super Bowl, make those flight reservations as early as possible as well. Look for routes to cities that are close to Minneapolis, like the St. Cloud Regional Airport or the Rochester International Airport. These are more likely to offer cheaper and more convenient flight times.

Finally, fans need a place to stay for the Big Game and all its festivities. Hotels can book up fast and are often overpriced due to such high demand. Wouldn’t it be nicer to end your Super Bowl Game Day in a nice, cozy true Minnesotan abode? Nationwide Home Rentals® and Super Bowl Home Rentals are the #1 choice for Minneapolis Super Bowl home rentals. Staying in a special, Super Bowl home rental will ensure your trip North goes smoothly whether your team wins or loses.   



NFL – Super Bowl

Nationwide Home Rentals Welcomes You to the Super Bowl and your #1 Choice to find the perfect Super Bowl Home Rentals experience!

The NFL holds the Super Bowl championship game following the end of the NFL regular season each year since its creation in January of 1967.
This championship came to be when the NFl and American Football League (AFL) decided on a merger agreement amongst themselves. Afterward, each league was put into a coference with the conference champions determining the NFL’s overall league champion.

Teams who have the chance to compete in the championship have the opportunity to play to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Lombardi was the coach of the Green Bay Packers and also won the first two Super Bowl championship games. Unfortunately the NFL lost Lombardi in 1970 when he passed. After his passing the NFL named the trophy in his name.

The Super Bowl has grown in popularity so much over the years that is now celebrated by millions and known as Super Bowl Sunday. Many use this championship game as an opportunity to travel, throw parties, cook out and eat food and celebrate the NFL and the season of football completed. The Super Bowl is known as a time for great football rivalry and entertainment that can be enjoyed by all ages.
The commericals played during the Super Bowl T.V. time-outs have become another popular aspect of the championship game. But as this championship game has been played over the years it is not just the commercials that have added in another form of entertainment for those watching. The halftime show during the Super Bowl championship game brings a whole new meaning of entertainment to the NFL Super Bowl game.
Over the years musicians from all around the world have had the honor to perform during the halftime show. These preformances always tend to be extravagant and full of music, lights, dancing and anticipation of what is to come next during the show. The halftime show is a must-see musical performance that fills the halftime break during the Super Bowl championship game.

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Tickets for the Super Bowl can be purchased online through Ticketmaster and StubHub. Stubhub also offers various package deals that fans can purchase for the Super Bowl game and festivities.

If you are travling long distance and need a flight to your Super Bowl Home Rentals, accommodations can be made through Expedia, tripadvisor, Southwest Airlines and more. Start your Super Bowl experience off right with a relaxing and hassle-free flight to your Super Bowl Vacation Home Rental.

Once you have arrived to your Super Bowl Home Rental destination, you can rent a car for easy access to all of the championship and NFL excitement that best fits you and your time. Car rentals can be made through Enterprise and Hertz Rent a Car.

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