Mar 27 2017

Press Release | Kentucky Derby Home Rentals

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LOUISVILLE – March 20, 2017 – Louisville-based Nationwide Home Rentals is seeking area residents who are interested in earning extra income through short-term home rentals during the upcoming 2017 Derby season. The locally-owned company is a community marketplace where sports enthusiasts and vacation travelers can create their very own unforgettable and unique experiences. Nationwide Home Rentals supports local residents who want to rent their home, condo or apartment on a short-term basis to guests for all major sporting events across the country such as March Madness, Super Bowl, and the greatest two minutes in sports, the Kentucky Derby.

“Louisville has so much to offer visitors and not just during Derby, but all the time. We are blessed to have such an amazing and historical event which allows us to show off our great city and the community who supports it,” the company’s owner, Zach Leonardo, said. “When it comes to hospitality and showing folks a good time, Louisville is second to none.”

For the 2017 Derby season, Nationwide Home Rentals will list your Derby Home Rental at no charge to you or your guests.

“We are waiving all fees for this year’s Derby – no booking fees, no service fees, no commission,” explains Leonardo. “We want to encourage residents in the greater Louisville area to showcase the Derby City hospitality and earn some additional income as well.”

Leonardo also highlights the positive impact Derby Home Rentals will have on the local economy adding, “when someone rents their home, a good portion of the money they receive gets placed back into the community in way of contracting local businesses and services such as housekeeping, landscaping, hardware stores, boutiques and so on.”

“It’s really a WIN/WIN for everyone involved and I am simply humbled that Nationwide Home Rentals is an active contributor to our local economy and provides the outlet to welcome those visiting the Greater Louisville area.”

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Featured Listings

  • for rent $1,200.00
    3 sq ft 4 beds 4.0 bath
  • for rent $833.00
    500 sq ft 4 beds 4.0 bath
  • for rent $667.00
    500 sq ft 3 beds 4.0 bath
  • for rent $700.00
    4000 sq ft 3 beds 2.5 bath
  • for rent $175.00
    500 sq ft 1 beds 1.0 bath
  • for rent $255.00
    875 sq ft 2 beds 1.0 bath
  • for rent $300.00
    2400 sq ft 3 beds 1.0 bath
  • for rent $299.00
    1700 sq ft 3 beds 3.0 bath
  • for rent $558.00
    sq ft 6 beds 3.5 bath
  • for rent $655.00
    sq ft 2 beds 2.0 bath
  • for rent $335.00
    sq ft 5 beds 5.0 bath
  • for rent $225.00
    sq ft 2 beds 2.0 bath